Unique Decorative Luxury Candles from Brooklyn

Do you struggle to stumble upon truly unique gifts for friends and loved ones?

First of all, while you have been invited to a friends Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, or Christmas Dinner, you will already know how difficult it is to decide on a suitable gift to take with you. As a result, Decorative Candle Art Shop is designed to help you discover some truly inspiring unique candles decorations and gift ideas. For every aspect of life, Sam & Wishbone has created just the right product.

Unique Decorative Luxury Candles & Gift Ideas

At Sam & Wishbone, we don’t just specialize in high-end decorative candles and bespoke art pieces. Instead, we are the only company in Brooklyn which helps give artists a voice by showcasing the finest art and crafts. Even better, because of our wonderful candles sources art and candles from local of artists, we help you give gifts which are both unique, and which help support and promote the Brooklyn art scene itself.

One of a kind Gifts for Almost Every Occasion

Most of all candle decor isn’t just about buying the candle set. This is why the artists who we work with, create unique candles due to a complex multi-step printing and design process. As a result, Sam & Wishbone creating unique decorative luxury candles – pillar candles with unique textures, embossing, and dimensional art prints. In addition, our most remarkable and sought after decorated candles are often hand finished either with rhinestones and crystals.

Are you in search of truly unique pillar decor candle gifts and candle decorations? If so, help support some of today’s most exciting upcoming local artists by visiting our Decorative Candle Art Shop today. Feel free to peruse our catalog and as an added bonus, we will help you buy with peace of mind by donating 10% of the profit of every candle purchase to charity!

Enjoy you rvisit and Contact Us if any Questions.