Valentine’s Day: A Day of Romance

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A Pagan Festival in February – The origins of Valentine’s Day Many believe that the celebration of Valentine’s Day which happens to be mid-February is used to commemorate Valentine’s death or burial anniversary which took place around A.D 270. Some others believe that the Christian Church might have decided that mid-February was the best time [...]


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There’s so much mystery around the history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its patron saint. February, which is usually tagged the month of romance and celebrated as such, stems from ancient Roman and Christian tradition. But are you aware who Saint Valentine was and how he came to be associated with this rite? [...]

Horoscope: Leo Sign and Leo Zodiac Candle

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Find the ideal sun-sign self Decorative Art Candle - Leo from Zodiac Candles Gifts Leo is a standout amongst the most faithful and enormous hearted signs of the zodiac. Leos, similar to lions, are believed to be strong leaders. They are independent and overflowing confidence. They enjoy being viewed as a man of [...]

Trataka Candle Meditation

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What is Trataka Candle Meditation? In Trataka candle meditation, practitioners will usually sit with a lit candle three to four feet in front of them, before focusing intently on the burning candle flame itself. The object of Trataka candle meditation, however, is to ultimately be able to close one's eyes, whilst still visualizing and being [...]

Horoscope: Cancer Zodiac Sign

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A horoscope is termed as an astrological chart that is calculated based on the date, time and place of birth. A chart can likewise be calculated for an event, inquiry, and even a nation! Symbols are used to describe planets, signs, and geometric connections called aspects. In several cases, the horoscope in Western astrology is [...]