Burning candles to remove negative energy and enhance spirituality has been a common practice for thousands of years. What is more, candle burning rituals are just as commonplace today as they have ever been. Hence why candles are so prevalent in churches, synagogues, and other places of worship. The only question is, what are the real benefits of practices such as candle meditation and what kinds of candles should you be using to meditate?

The Importance of Color in Candle Meditation

Traditionally, the burning of different colored candles during meditation has been believed to result in a variety of different physical and spiritual benefits. Black candle burning rituals, for example, are believed to offer protection to people from negative energies, as well as induce much deeper meditative states overall.

At the same time, different shades of blue candles are widely believed to help confer everything from increased wisdom to enhanced senses of inner peace. It is important to remember, however, that deep meditative states can be reached just as easily with candles which incorporate a variety of different colors all at once.

Candle Magick Vs At Home Candle Meditation

While solid color candles are often used in meditation in order to balance and promote different spiritual energies, such solid colors aren’t always necessary (or even beneficial) for people new to candle meditation. In fact, in yogic Trataka candle meditation, it is the ability of practitioners to focus on and visualize candle flames themselves which is of the most importance.

Always Undertake Candle Meditation Safely

If you are thinking about starting to practice candle meditation, it is important to always put your personal safety first. This being the case, never place lit candles on or near any kind of combustible materials such as table covers or curtains. Also, whether you are meditating, burning candles purely for your own enjoyment, or don’t even own a candle, you should always consider it best practice to have a working fire alarm installed in your property.

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