At our Brooklyn candle studio, we make available a  for you to fully customize each item from our online candle store.

From keepsake candles decorated with pictures of special moments to a burning candle embossed with a beautiful ‘I love you’ message, we can help you personalize any candle with messages and decorations suitable for absolutely any gifting occasion.

How to Order from our NY Custom Candle Store

To make ordering your next custom candle from our Brooklyn candle shop as easy as possible, all you need to do is select the size of the candle which you would like to personalize. After choosing your candle, all you need to do next is send a customization request via our online contact form.

Once we have received your customization request, someone at our virtual candle factory will then send you a link to a new part of our site where you can upload the pictures and messages which you would like to appear on your candle.