Decorative Candle Fun Facts


Candles play a role in modern day home décor. They also have a prominent place in the English language. For example, there are several idioms which contain candles as the main feature. An idiom is an expression that has a meaning other than what one would expect from the words being used. Our favorite candle idioms are:


1 – A Candle in the Wind


While this particular saying conjures up a well-known song sung by Elton John, its meaning is the closest one to what decorative candles are. The idiom points to something that is fragile, weak, venerable and could fail within moments. It is a fitting saying to describe just about anything from political promises to the likelihood of the nerdy kid at school finding a Prom date.


2 – Can’t Hold a Candle


What do you mean you can’t hold a candle? Isn’t that what candle holders are for? This idiom is used as a comparison between items indicating that one is just not quite as desirable or good enough as the other. If you’ve ever been last when teams were being picked at school, you’ll get that this was probably not about you.


3 – The Game Is Not Worth the Candle


This idiom has historic connections to candlelight. Essentially, long before electricity, the only way to illuminate rooms or spaces after the sun went down was with controlled flames. Candles became the choice for indoor lighting. As there were no distractions at the time such as televisions or laptop computers, entertainment was usually some form of game playing or gambling. If the potential winnings on a table in a game were deemed to be insignificant, they were considered not worth lighting a candle to proceed to play. This probably led to the habit of going ‘all in’ to sweeten the pot.


4 – Burning A Candle At Both Ends


We’ve all heard this one. It relates to working hard and finishing that work late at night. Again, as candles were the only source of light in the evenings, working late required them. Burning one from both ends, would, in theory, produce extra illumination. It would also cut into the candle budget and pave the way for stricter fire regulations.


Clearly, we have come a long way from needing candles to see what we were doing to using decorative candles with scents to set the mood. Decorative candles provide us with ways to relax and slow down after a hectic day…and that’s not an idiom. Custom candles bring personality into the picture, just by being there.


One home décor trend that features custom candles is having them on display. The intricate designs and patterns created in the wax have turned candles from sources of light used centuries ago to pieces of art that do not require hanging from a wall. Give your home something new with decorative candles. You’ll love how they brighten up space without being lit!