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Sugar Skull Candle Decoration Ideas

For Mexican and South American culture lovers, the Sam & Wishbone Sugar Skull candle collection is guaranteed to make the ultimate home-style statement. With each candle decoration in our collection being inspired by authentic Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ holiday designs, we help you celebrate over 4,000 years of distinct culture and colorful iconography, right in the comfort of your very own home.

Celebrated to honor passed loved ones, painted sugar skull designs are used as part of a traditionally joyous annual festival held on November 1st and. 2nd. To help you celebrate, our Brooklyn arts and crafts store, therefore, brings such intricate and colorful sugar skull designs to life, on a variety of beautiful candle designs.

Printed using our own unique technique, each candle decoration in our Sugar Skull collection makes an exceptional gift and/or year round general home decorative device.