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Wedding Day Candles

How do you feel when you get to a wedding and everywhere are lit up with Wedding Day Candles? That candles warm up the atmosphere and fill the air with so much love and romance.

First of all, decorative candles at weddings inexpensive ways of making your celebration wonderful. In addition, they are a very classy way of filling your family and guests with the romance. With candles, you can create very wonderful designs that make your wedding look both glamorous and refined.

At Sam & Wishbone, we offer you candles that light up your wedding day and fill you with the romantic feelings. In addition, that with these candles, you can get the best wedding photos. They will always remind you of how intimate and delightful your wedding evening was. You can be sure that they’ll add the right elegance and style to your wedding.

In conclusion, Sam & Wishbone extends a special offer to our Wedding Day Candles Collections clients! Get a complimentary tea light “insert” with your pillar candles order.  This distinctive feature allows you to preserve your beautiful candle as a memento of your wedding. And it’s yours absolutely FREE with this special offer.  You’ll simply put a tea light into the insert on top and light it – your custom pillar candle will remain intact! Our tea light inserts are standard size. So, they are enabling you to re-use this feature to replace it with another tea light, add a scented candle, or a battery operated led tea light, as many times as you’d like.


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