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Zodiac Candles Art & Inspiring Horoscope Candle Creations

Zodiac Candles is a great gift for birthdays.

For thousands of years, people have studied the stars and used horoscope and candle magic to attempt to divine the future. This is why even today, people monitor the zodiac for signs of upcoming good fortune. The only question is, how seriously do you take your horoscope?

If you are a fan of astrology, you will love our unique horoscope themed candle creations.

Perfect as standalone decorative candles, our horoscope themed art candles add unique character and ambiance to all kinds of homes and workspaces. Even better, if you are passionate about the mystical arts, each of our art candles is just as perfect for use in self-practiced divination, meditation, and at home candle magic.

Elegant & Sophisticated Candle Art

Hand Crafted and superbly embossed, each of our zodiac candles features a different astrological sign. This makes each of our candle art pieces perfect for gifting on birthdays and different celestial celebrations.

Hand poured and made using only the highest quality ingredients, each of our horoscopes themed candle creations is lovingly embellished with silver crystals and rhinestones. This way, each of our decorative candles is guaranteed to make a bold and luxurious design statement in absolutely any kind of home display context.

Unscented & Irritant Free Candles

Do you love eye-catching candle art but hate the headaches and discomfort often associated with many scented candles? If so, don’t worry. Whether you are casting candle spells or simply burning candles to create a relaxing ambiance at home, you can rest assured that each of our zodiac candles is 100% scent and irritant free.

Exquisitely Decorated as Standard

Given the timeless popularity of zodiac-themed gifts, our unisex horoscope candle creations will never fail to impress friends and loved ones. In fact, our horoscope themed gift candles are just as perfect for use as housewarming and ‘his and hers’ engagement party gifts, as they are for traditional birthday gifting.

Are you looking for something genuinely unique to gift one of your loved ones? If so, because each of our art candles is lovingly handcrafted in our Brooklyn candle shop, we can help you gift candles which your recipients are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. – The only question is, what star sign was you born under and which of our horoscope candles will help say the most about your personality?