Decorative Candles in the Middle Ages


While decorative candles and spiritual candles might have come into their own during the reign of the Roman Empire, it was actually the fall of the Empire, which later led to candles being used as the primary source of illumination in Europe during the Middle Ages.


With the decline of trade and industry after the fall of the Roman Empire, oil lamps which had been Europe’s most heavily relied upon lighting source started to become a rarity. This being the case, candles rendered from easily accessible animal fat became commonplace throughout the middle ages, before animal fats themselves were once again replaced with beeswax in order to facilitate cleaner burning.


The Rise of the Modern Day Candle 


After the Middle Ages and right through to the Colonial times in North America, candle designs remained unchanged for the most part, with candle makers only substituting beeswax for tallow (and vice versa) depending on what materials were immediately available.


In the early 19th century, however, a French chemist by the name of Michel-Eugene Chevreul finally discovered how to isolate stearic acid in animal fat, leading to harder, longer burning, and stearin wax candles. Even better, mass producing candles then arrived in Europe in 1834, when inventor Joseph Morgan developed a mechanical means to mold candles in large numbers simultaneously.


Decorative Candles Today


Decorative Candles Art Flowers Collection

Of course, with the rise of the electric light bulb, candles today have been rendered altogether obsolete as a form of effective home lighting. Decorative candles and candle art, however, are just as popular as ever.

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