What is Trataka Candle Meditation?

In Trataka candle meditation, practitioners will usually sit with a lit candle three to four feet in front of them, before focusing intently on the burning candle flame itself. The object of Trataka candle meditation, however, is to ultimately be able to close one’s eyes, whilst still visualizing and being able to focus intently on the burning flame itself.

What Candles Should you use in Trataka Candle Rituals and Meditative Exercises?

What makes Trataka candle meditation so popular, is the fact that decorative candles decorated with crystals and embossed with beautiful spiritual patterns can be used just as easily as solid color candles. In fact, using more decorative candle designs can help enhance overall senses of calm whilst meditating. This is because, for people new to candle meditation, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by candle magick orientated rules regarding how to use and meditate with different solid color candles themselves.


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